Your Contract Manufacturer for Nutritional Supplements

as capsules, tablets and powders


Bonito GmbH, founded in 2021, is a subsidiary company of Bonito AG and is your specialist for Contract Manufacturing and for Private Label Products in the field of nutritional supplements, sports nutrition and health products.


As a young, innovative and motivated contract manufacturer of capsules, powders and tablets we keep pace with our times. Our purchasing team is constantly searching for new, innovative and suitable raw materials for our clients, as well as finding exceptional and new formulas.  As contractor for nutritional supplements we accept it as our task not just to follow trends, but to set new trends which will give our clients a significantly competitive advantage.


We offer our clients diverse whole Private Label Products, individual contract production and over 400 different raw materials.


Our particular strength lies in short production times, fast deliveries and a wide range of products and raw materials. 

As a certified company we keep close control of the origin and production methods of our raw materials and all other products which we use in our production. 

Due to our semi-automation we are also able to offer also smaller quantities at fair prices.


With Bonito you have chosen a specialized and competent partner. Our service includes everything from the initial product idea up to packaging and delivery.


We have no natural limits. A strong interest, a burning passion and good experience guarantee our success.   

OUR core competence

  • We are reliability
  • We love flexibility
  • We offer quality which is transparent and traceable
  • We will be on your side always with advice and support
  • We love and live quality!

Liquids / softgels

  • Different softgels
  • Drop products
  • Vitamin sprays and spray bottles

Kapseln / tabletten

  • Over 100 formulas of our own
  • Individual production
  • Over 1.000 different raw materials
  • Up to 400 raw material in stock
  • Short production and delivery times
  • Marketability monitoring
  • Development of formulas 
  • Capsule sizes 5 - 000
  • Different tablet forms
  • Gelatine and vegetarian capsules


  • Up to 400 raw materials instantly available 
  • Small purchase quantities 
  •  Quick availability
  • Certified suppliers
  • Mono products and mixtures
  • Powder mixtures as of 60 kg

WE Love what we do

As your trustworthy specialist for Private Label Products, individual contract manufacturing and raw material, we offer not only our products but also numerous services.


In every field you will have a specific contact person who will be at your service at any time. We will support you from the very start of a product idea to the final product as well from your first inquiry to a successful first delivery.


No matter, either a Start Up or an established company, we have the appropriate products and services in every field.



Private Label

With Private Label we mark the standardized products, already completely produced, just waiting for their own label. These products are available from amounts of 100 cans.



Contract Manufacturing

In the fields of individual and customized contract manufacturing we comply fully with the needs and wishes of our clients. Our clients may choose the appropriate product from up to 100 different formulas or just simply pass on a formula of their own. Amounts can be ordered from 40.000 capsules (gelantine or vegetarian capsule shells) or 60 kg for powder products.

As contract manufacturers for gelantine and vegetarian capsules, we are masters of our trade and offer our clients the highest quality at fair prices in line with the market.



Raw Material

Our clients can choose from a variety of up to 400 different raw materials, which we always have in stock. Our supplier contracts allow us to offer our clients raw materials, additives and plant extracts even in small amounts.


Contract manufacturer for capsules, nutritional supplements, amino acids and vitamins

Contract filling For sports nutrition, amino acids, Proteins and capsule products

Private label for Proteins, amino acids and Vitamins